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The Future of African-Americans in Technology

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

This is a critical moment. 

Very proud to see my good friend and fellow alumni @charleymooreesq on CNBC laying out a clear path to dramatically improve the representation of African-Americans in technology.

As newer technologies based on artificial intelligence are increasingly adopted in the workplace, the impact will certainly and disproportionately be felt by those that are already in the widening “technology gap”. Statistically and in evidenced-based reality, Black and Brown Americans are more likely to be in that “gap”. 

This is a huge problem for all of us but also an immediate opportunity for America to:

  • adopt forward-looking educational priorities

  • creatively improve access to entrepreneurial opportunities ( funding, relationships, exposure, etc.)

  • train and retrain employees

  • implement local, state and federal legislative guidelines and protections 

This is a time for both macro and micro-leadership. If you saw Charley’s interview on CNBC ( and please do if you have not ) and recognize that we can and must do better.

Please Step-up!

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