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AI Privacy? Google Cloud CEO Stands Tough On Data Privacy – And More Top Headlines From Next 19

Google Cloud unveils a host of security and analytics services in a push to win over more enterprises.

By Diana Blass Thomas Kurian

The conversation turned to security, privacy and AI on the second day of Google Cloud Next, Google Cloud’s sold out conference in San Francisco.

The cloud provider made 30 security announcements on Wednesday, including updates to the Google Cloud Security Command Center, a tool that lets enterprises organize and visualize all threats. Google added a new tool called Security Health Analytics to the platform, which automatically scans the infrastructure for problems.

Thomas Kurian

It all comes as Google pushes to win over more enterprise customers and climb the ladder in the cloud market. Google currently holds the third largest market share, behind Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. On Wednesday, Kurian confronted what experts say is a top challenge for the company: data privacy.

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